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Welcome to the Wallace Jackson 3D eBooks, New Media Content and Digital Ad Campaign Reference Website. This website runs identically on every popular browser, on every OS, computer platform and consumer electronics product (Smartphone, Tablet, iTV, e-Reader).

This BLOG [Home] page will serve as daily blog, and the rest of the website as a reference sampling, allowing reviewers to access a plethora of salient materials that showcase and describe the digital new media artwork, a sampling of selected clientele, and content production capabilities of Digital Artist Wallace Jackson.

The "data footprint" of this 92 section website is 1MB with less than 4KB per page-load of hand-coded XHTML, CSS 2.1 stylesheet (loaded once on initial pageload) of less than 2KB, and dozens of super-clear images and 3D animations all in less than 768KB of total data weight!

For more complete information on Mind Taffy Design clients, projects, types of digital campaigns produced, and new media technologies and APIs supported, please take time to visit the www.MindTaffy.com webpage, where you'll find contact info, RFQ requirements, company information and 3D eBook production details.